Kuduro/Afro House

Every Sunday 13:00 

Class duration: 1 hour

Level: All levels

Class is organized once per week!

 Afrohouse is a dance that has emerged from Angola around the year of 2010. It is danced to a electronic up beat music with often a soft melody and a heavy bass line. It has steps that have been influenced by such dances as kuduro (Angola), kwaito (South Africa) and ndombolo (Congo) and has been born in the clubbing and street scene.

Kuduro, meaning "Hard ass" emerged in Angola around the 90's. It is usually fast 'ghetto' sound with very hard batidas (beats). While dancing kuduro the main focus goes to the legs and footwork complimented by funny and crazy body and arm movements. The steps have been created by angolans who were inspired mainly by day to day people, movements and culture.


Miss Vaiga