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Bachata (level 2) - Open Class

Celebrate City Dance 10th anniversary and come to open Bachata (level 2) class. Register and get your free ticket.

Bachata (level 2) - Open Class
Bachata (level 2) - Open Class

Laikas ir vieta

2020-02-14 18:30 – 19:30

City Dance, Kalvarijų gatvė 125, Vilnius, Lithuania

Apie renginį

Bachata - a social dance gaining more and more popularity due to vast innovations to it, primary being a folk dance, danced in streets of Dominican Republic as a way of enjoy life and love for poor villagers. Nowadays a rather complex dance style influenced by merengue, son cubano and bolero. Most common and vastly recognizable bachata styles are: bachata sensual, bachata moderna, bachata fusion and, for sure, traditional bachata. 


  • Bachata (level 2) class

    Ticket is valid for the event on 14th FEB 2020. One person per ticket.

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