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Kalvariju st. 125 (1st Building, 1st Entrance, 2nd Floor,) Vilnius, Lithuania +370 657 54205 info@citydance.lt

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Every Tuesday and Thursday 12:00 

Class duration: 1 hour

Level: All levels

Class is organized two times per week!

Suitable for any level of fitness, the classes are middle-impact with a real focus on proper engagement of your abdominals to build core strength as well and toning and stretching your muscles through various exercises that will improve flexibility and strength.The classes will focus a lot on technique and activating your muscles correctly and efficiently.

You will get the benefit of toning up and starting out training and activating your muscles in the right way to ensure your fitness progresses for all activities that you do without the concern of causing injury. It’s about balancing your body and improving overall well-being.

Sandra Saikauskaitė


Every Tuesday 18:00 

Class duration: 1 hour

Level: All levels

Class is organized once per week!

 This is an efficient medium intensity workout for everyone who wants to be healthy, strenghten inner (deep) muscles, improve body lines and flexibility, and relax at the same time. Callanetics system includes physical exercises based on small repeating movements of the muscles. This system was developed by a ballet-dancer to help reduce back problems she was born with, and improve muscle tone. During the class you will use your body weight, dumbbells and resistance bands.

Agnė Saikauskaitė