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Donation & Support

Help us develop Dance Art!

We greatly appreciate your support in helping us fulfill our mission at City Dance Studio. As a public, non-profit organization, our commitment is to offer opportunities for individuals to discover their inner dancer. Our classes are tailored for both professional and non-professional dancers, as we firmly believe that everyone should have the chance to experience the joy of dance.

Our classes extend beyond physical movement, promoting positive body image, self-awareness, and artistic self-expression. Additionally, we teach essential skills like coordination, strength, flexibility, and resilience. Our goal is to cultivate a supportive and inclusive environment for all dancers.

Your contribution can make a significant impact by donating as little as 3 Euros – it only takes a minute. If possible, we also welcome regular monthly donations to help sustain our programs and initiatives. Your support directly influences our ability to consistently provide high-quality dance experiences to our community. Thank you for considering the opportunity to support City Dance Studio and help us create a positive difference through the art of dance.

You can donate up to 1,2 % of your paid personal income tax to help create better educational conditions for City Dance community.

- Fill FR0512 v4 application form in the Electronic Declaration System EDS

- Tax period - 2022

- Identification  number 304031359

- VšĮ Salsos klubas

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